rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Now we've got wood bees eating the fence in our back yard. (What a great coincidence that this photographer at P-Base uploaded some excellent pictures of wood bees just a couple of weeks ago.) There was also some sort of waspy critter building a mud nest in the bottom of the diamond-shaped window cutout in our front door. I scraped the nest out. It was full of little green larvae.

It actually would have been interesting to watch the larvae hatch out, as they were clearly visible through the window glass, but i'm pretty sure this bug had a stinger, and we use that front door many times a day, there being no convenient alternative. It would have been dangerous to leave the nest, but it sure would have been more interesting than an ant farm.

The wood bees apparently don't sting, but they do bore into the wood and eventually cause it to fall apart, so they'll have to go, too. If it weren't for stray beasts and neighbors' dogs getting into the kitty's (and my) refuge, I'd let the bees go ahead and eat the damned fence. I never much liked it anyway.

But, now that I've committed the slaughter of the wasp larvae, I expect some sort of karmic punishment awaits me, so I might as well do in the wood bees too. Most likely, the days will get even hotter, and I'll end up getting munched by mosquitoes, and the pollen will be the worst ever. Amid all that, a bit more disaster will be barely noticeable.

Oh, summer comes fast. I was hoping for a bit more spring. Well. At least I now get to use my summery user icons.

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