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I didn't want it to be 80 degrees today, but that's about what it was. In a few days, we've gone from not being able to leave the windows open because it was too cold, to not being able to leave the windows open because it's too hot. Spring is the time I like to make the house not stink anymore by airing it out. If the heat continues, I won't get to do that this year.

It's amazing how fast some of the grass in the fields is turning brown. It's also amazing how fast the long-frustrated flowering trees are blooming. The dogwoods look as though they'll be in full flower before the weekend is over. All the birds are very active as well. They began their mating season during the premature mild weather of February, and it was then interrupted by all those rainy days. Now the air is full of the songs of those who have still not paired off. Heh. It's like a bad night at a singles bar, with a huge crowd of desperate stragglers. But the birds' music is better, of course.

I found an interesting weblog called Neologasm, which is dedicated to current neologisms (which, come to think of it, actually sounds dirtier to me than "neologasm"), provides considerable background on each word and is replete with links. Some recently posted neologisms include Volvo Fallacy, mocus, manorexia, and door whore. The writing is fairly consistently entertaining (hey, I typed "netertaining"- I've accidentally coined a neologism...maybe), and released under a Creative Commons 2.5 license, but some of the most amusing parts are the quoted examples of usages gathered from various web sites. Amusing.
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