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If you're scraping the bottom of the barrel... must be your turn in it. Via shrillblog: I found this collection of statements about President Bush made over the last few years by his new press secretary, Tony Snow, quite amusing. Did anybody on the White House staff bother to research this guy at all? Or do they just not care that all that stuff is actually recorded out there on the Internet? The Bush administration grows ever more entertaining. Each move they make now seems the political equivalent of a Jackass stunt. George really is scraping the bottom of the barrel, and the barrel is about to be rolled down a hill into a swamp full of crocodiles. Steve-O for President!

Poll #718340 White House Press Secretary Poll

How long before Tony Snow crashes and burns?

Less than one month
Within two months
Within three months
Within six months
He'll survive through the impeachment

If Snow has a successor, who will the President name?

Helen Thomas
Sean Hannity
Billy Bush
The job will be outsourced to India

Somebody else

Will the President be eaten by the crocodiles?


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