rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It's nice and cool this morning, but it will warm up, I'm sure. Half a dozen lilies are open. I expect to see a dozen or more when I wake up (because more will open during the day, not because I'll be bleary-eyed- though I probably will be.) I also expect to see puffs of pollen drifting from the mulberry tree blossoms. I've already begun sneezing. Fortunately, my jaw is not left as sore by yesterday's trip to the dentist as it was after my previous visit, but the gums around the savaged tooth hurt like hell. Probably a couple more crappy days lie ahead, and more next week when the crown is installed. I'm napping a lot.

Yesterday's Sacramento Bee had a front page picture of the early morning gathering in San Francisco's Market Street. A huge crowd was there to commemorate the 1906 earthquake, at 5:12 A.M. PDT, which means that they all forgot that there was no Daylight Saving Time in 1906. They could have had another hour of sleep. San Franciscans are dumb sometimes.

Heh. An amusing response to LJ's new "Supported" (meaning ad-bearing) account level.

Time to shift te cat and get to sleep before the morning becomes too bright.

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