rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The disturbing thing about pine needles is that, when stepped on, they sound like insects or night-crawlers being crushed. Passing down the walk by night in the season the bugs are apt to be about, I'm always unpleasantly surprised when I step on a pine needle, and I picture the small beast that might be disintegrating under the weight of my foot. Once in a while, it is an insect or night-crawler that I've crushed. Tonight it turned out to be merely a pine needle, but I did see a night-crawler earlier, so that was the image that popped into my head. Ech.

I think these thoughts and all this blathering about them are the result of anxiety about going to the dentist this afternoon. I'm probably not going to get enough sleep. Then there's next week's appointment. It will be good to get this all over with. Then maybe I'll get back to normal. Well, normal for me.

I'll probably delete this post tonight.

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