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The local television channels have all been doing features on their newscasts about the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. It's a disaster fan's heaven today.

On teh Internets, there's more stuff.

Well's Fargo's Guided by History weblog has a lot of posts, and links to a couple of quicktime movies of today's commemorative events in the city. There was a parade. San Francisco loves parades.

USGS has this page, with a bunch of links to maps and pictures of damage and such.

S.F. Gate has a multimedia page with links to more photos, flash animations, and quicktime videos of old newsreels of the disaster.

The Library of Congress has a number of old movies of San Francisco both before and after the disaster, including this trip down Market Street before the fire. More early San Francisco films are linked from this LOC page (the "List" link.)

It was a far more springy day today than yesterday. A few cirrus clouds drifted about, occasionally making it look as though the sun were steaming, and the air was almost perfect for the season- cool and fresh. If the dentist accidentally (or so he will undoubtedly claim) stabs a needle into my brain tomorrow and kills me, at least I'll have had one more nice spring day before I died.

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