rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Deer are strolling up the block. If the nearly-full moon were not a mere smudge of light behind clouds that look like a dozen layers of window sheers, I might be able to see them instead of just hearing their hooves click on the pavement. The sound is sharp in the night which has grown quiet, now that the rain has stopped. The chirping of the birds seemed quite loud this afternoon as well. Now I hear dogs barking in the distance. The only thing I don't hear is the frogs. Maybe they are waiting until the last evening traffic passes before they begin their regular concert.

Tonight, I hope to find a couple of hours to dig through the contents of a few more of the boxes in the garage. Some of the boxes are falling apart, and will need to be replaced. That's going to be a major task. It was bother enough packing them. Re-packing will be worse. There is some perverse rule of objects that says their bulk always increases when they are removed from a box, so they never quite fit when you put them into another box of the same size. Maybe I'll fool them and buy some slightly larger boxes.

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