rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Almost two hours of actual sunlight this evening! I didn't have much free time to go out and enjoy it. Well, the place has been gray so much this year and I've grown so pale that I'd probably have gotten sunburned by more than ten minutes of it anyway. Another (and even larger) storm is on the way now. The levees in the valley are strained, and the streets everywhere in the region are cratering with new potholes. The plants are confused. Various flowering trees that in most years would all be in bloom at once are out of sync. Some blossomed as early as February, some are in (rather subdued) bloom now, and others remain entirely bare. I'm having a hard time thinking of this as spring.

Now I have to put out the trash can, and I'm going to get soaked because it just began raining again.

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