rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No longer hush-hushhh....IT is here!

Well, Dean Kamen's heralded and hyped invention has been unveiled, and the web site dedicated to speculation about it will have to find some new wonder to tantalize the breathless mass of innovation fans.

But what of it? No, I mean what of IT? Ginger. Segway. Whatever. Well, yeah, everybody has seen the thing by now, and knows that it is, yes, an electric scooter with a sophisticated balancing system, and it looks a lot like an old-fashioned pusher lawn mower.

But is it "as big a deal as the PC," sa Steve Jobs said? You remember Steve Jobs, don't you? The guy who came up with an operating system that could kick the hell out of MS DOS, and then, instead of licensing it out and making the fortune that Bill Gates ended up making, he went into the computer manufacturing business! Steve gets no marks for prescience.

Segway gets no marks from me. I won't be sharing the sidewalks with this thing anytime soon. It will be about as welcome as the skateboard on busy city streets. And at $3000 each, I think just about anybody would rather buy a decent motorcycle.

Which brings me to the one thing that impresses me. That balancing system. I, myself, have a crappy sense of balance, and this is why I have never bought a bike, motorized or not. But, if this balancing system could be incorporated into a bike, I'd be there, dude! Kamen may eventually see a profit from this thing, but I suspect that it will mainly be from adapting the balancing system to other technologies.

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