rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Here

The pavement partly dried during the night, but I don't expect it to remain dry. The clouds are as dark as ever this morning, and promise yet more rain. I hear distant wind moaning in the canyon- or maybe one of the myriad potholes created by the weeks of rain has gaped open so deep and wide that it has exposed the howling of the damned in Hell. It's probably just the wind, though.

I just realized that an entire week of April is gone already. WTF!? Oh, I know- teh Internets ate it.

Tonight's munching has been done in part by Noe Hill, a personal web site featuring various things by various residents of the city. But, the San Francisco section of the web site is in the process of documenting the city's landmarks in new photographs. The list is already long, and the photos of good quality, though not very large. That part of the site also has a section on the city's Victorian houses, and sections devoted to three neighborhoods: Eureka Valley, Russian Hill and Alta Plaza. Other sections of the site have stuff about travel, in California and other places, and there's a section about The Cockettes, the 1970's era drag review which was called by Truman Capote "...the most outrageous thing I've ever seen!" In short, the site is a very mixed bag. Check the site map to find still more stuff, including recipes. For example: Look what you can do with okra.

Enough for now.

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