rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The moon was available for hours on end, though always blurred by the thin clouds. For a while, it cast an immense halo many degrees across. By the time it settled behind the pine woods, the clouds had thickened and its light among the branches was dim and yellow. Now, low clouds like dark gray bruises drift beneath higher and brighter blue-white clouds. It is apt to turn rainy again. I wish I had time for a morning walk.

There was more poking about in boxes last night, but I still haven't found anything of great interest. Must dig deeper into that pile!

Did find something moderately interesting on teh Internets, though it's much less visual than I'd like it to be. I stumbled onto the web site of an organization called The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. Los Angeles, of course, has goatloads of murals, so the lists of both works and artists provided at the site are extensive. Links led to pages providing basic information but, unfortunately, almost none of the works are depicted in photos, and the few photos provided are small- often nor bigger than LJ icons... hmmm. I'm hoping they might eventually post more pictures there, or at least links to other sites that do have them.

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