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Blown [Mar. 28th, 2006|08:36 pm]
It looks as though I slept through a splendid windstorm. When I went out to the street to fetch the trash can, I found that its plastic lid had blown a hundred feet down the block. A pair of acorn woodpeckers clinging to the dry side of the utility pole chuckled at me as I passed, as though amused by the lack of good sense I displayed by allowing myself to get soaked. Later, the rain eased to a light sprinkle and wan light from the declining sun turned the western clouds pearlescent.

I was standing by the corner of the house when I heard scrabbling on the roof. Suddenly, a gray form leaped above me and landed on a twiggy branch of the small peach tree. It was a squirrel, and its impact on the branch sent it swaying and all the drops of water clinging to it splattered about. The squirrel must have been as startled by my presence as I was by its sudden appearance. It took one quick look at me and made a quick leap onto the neighbor's fence and then scampered across the wet lawn and up a pine tree. The squirrel had something clutched in its mouth, but moved so quickly I coudn't make out what it was- this time of year, I suppose it was most likely a grubby old nut from last year's crop, long hidden in a decaying pile of leaves.

There should be more rain tonight, and maybe some more wind. I'd like that, as long as the power doesn't go out again. Stuff to do on the Internet!