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1930s ae agoraphobia alfred hitchcock anthropology antonio carlos jobim architecture arnold genthe art aviation bats bayou seco beavis and butthead billie holiday bionomics black and white movies brazilian music california camillo sitte carmen mcrae cats chico chinese music chinese poetry chris whitley cities classical music cole porter daria dave van ronk dorothy parker douglas adams duke ellington e.e.rehmus economics edward hopper ella fitzgerald encyclopedia brittanica eric idle eric satie evan s. connell fats waller fellini film noir fog foo fighters frank furness geneology geography george russell gershwin gertrude stein godard green pea-ness guinness gustave caillebotte haiku d'etat heitor villa-lobos henry hobson richardson henry rollins history homeopathy howard hawks humphrey bogart insomnia irving gill italy jack kerouac james thurber jane jacobs janeane garofalo japan jason mewes jazz jeff buckley joan miro john fante john sloan john soane jon stewart kevin smith krazy kat lady murasaki laszlo moholy-nagy lena horne li po limericks london los angeles louis sullivan maps mark keppel high school mark twain mavis rivers mccoy tyner mexican music mexico mihaly munkacsy miles davis monet movie palaces movies music nat king cole new york city nick drake night octavio paz paradise pasadena pasadena city college patsy cline paul bowles peter milton peter ustinov photography pierre reverdy poetics poetry rachmaninov rain ravel ray charles raymond chandler raymond queneau richard wilbur rimsky-korsakov rollo may san francisco sarah vaughan savannah stephane mallarme storms streets tea technophilia technophobia terry gilliam the adored thelonius monk tim buckley tu fu venice very large vegetables vincent scully wallace stevens weather william butler yeats william carlos williams yvor winters

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Created by lazy_nekolazy_neko

  • Day Out

    The first day of March found me venturing forth to acquire victuals and such from various merchants of the mini-metropolis, and to mail a check to…

  • Reset Seventeen, Day Twenty

    Arrangements have been made to either go shopping or have some foods picked up for me this afternoon. It will depend on how I feel about going when…

  • Reset Seventeen, Day Nineteen

    Saturday afternoon I went outside and a stiff breeze was blowing, and suddenly I felt like I was in two places at once, but I was unable to identify…

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