rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Shut Down!

Power outage. No computer for two hours, and a post then in progress was consumed by the event. I tried using the laptop, as I've done during power outages in the past, but it won't power up. I think I might have overcharged the battery. Ah, well. Yet another thing to add to the list of stuff to buy.

Though morning was bright, the day turned gray, but it remained dry until near dusk when soft rain arrived, accompanied by a few brief peals of distant thunder. It was nice to have a gray afternoon without rain for a change. A spring overcast can be quite soothing, and I enjoyed the muted colors of the spring flowers now blooming, and the varied shades of gray among the drifting clouds.

I'm surprised at how sore my back is after that little bit of lifting I did last night. I can't sit in one spot for very long without having it complain.

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