rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Wow. I slept until almost five o'clock today. That pretty much screws the whole evening. Still stuff to do. I was intending to go on an archive hunt, looking for some things I know I've got, but haven't seen in years, and the exact locations where I put them I've forgotten. They are on one of the lower levels of the ruin that is my room, I'm sure, and I'm bound to find lots of distractions as I dig down. Maybe I should put the expedition off until I've got more time.

The weather turned surprisingly pleasant, and I did get to see some sunlight despite waking so late. Everything is pretty close to being dry, and won't get wet again until Tuesday. The kitty is happy, having been able to go out and run off some energy this afternoon, and is now curled up napping, so maybe she won't spend half the night trying to get me to entertain her and then opening every lower cupboard door in the kitchen as soon as I let her out of my sight.

At least the ants are gone- for now.

Get busy.

EDIT: Just what I needed to discover when I've got no spare time: Platial ("The People's Atlas"), a Google map mash-up site, where you can add places to exisiting maps or start you own maps organized around a set of related places, and publish them to the Internet. Map fun, in a social setting! Now with tags! Oh, the time I could spend there!

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