rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Wet

The kitty has had enough of the rain, and is bouncing off the walls because she can't go out and expend her energy climbing trees and such. Aside from dealing with this annoying consequence, I'm still enjoying the rain. After all those cold storms, this mild one is pleasant. Even the birds enjoyed it, and there was much delighted chirping in the yard today as small flocks pecked about on the lawn. That might be one of the things that ticked the cat off. Birds are water-resistant and cats aren't. Unfair!

Unfortunately, I'm now into the third day of another battle with ants. I've scrubbed every surface in the kitchen repeatedly, no food is left outside ant-proof containers, and still they invade. This morning, a swarm of them were crawling around inside the microwave oven (the door had been left ajar.) I was tempted to just turn it on and see if the ants exploded, but decided that this would be just a bit sadistic, so I merely mashed them as usual and towelled away the pungent little cadavers. Inevitably, when eradicating ants, a few escape onto my clothing and will later reveal themselves when they crawl onto my skin. I end up slapping myself and then smelling of formic acid. Annoying. Enjoy the rain, hate the ants.

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