rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Again

A flock of migrating fowl just flew over the neighborhood. It's dark, so I couldn't see them, but I heard their calls which sounded a lot like somebody whistling for a dog. I don't remember ever hearing that call before. A couple of nights ago, I heard a flock of geese flying north, and amid the honking there was a periodic quack. Was it a goose with a cold? Was it a duck who thought he was a goose? I have no idea. Maybe some variant of the ugly duckling story has taken place in real life. Odd.

I've seen another link to TagWorld, a recently arrived social networking site on the order of MySpace, but of less repellent appearance. I went and looked at it, to see if I could figure out how it manages to support itself. It's still in Beta, but already has way over a million registered users. Even with goatloads of venture capital (the place is run by a bunch of guys with MBA's and such, so it's probably pretty well financed), operating a free site such as that has to be pretty costly, and so far I haven't seen any outside ads on any of the pages there. I checked their FAQ's, and found this one about a feature called the TagWorld Music Discovery Engine, which feeds you some selections of unsolicited new music based on its similarity to types of music you've chosen from the menu. What I'm wondering is if maybe the money the site expects to take in is going to be coming from something like a legal version of payola? That would be pretty clever of them, but devious as hell if they don't admit to it. If they do admit to it, I doubt that the kids who will probably make up the bulk of their users would mind. (The only reason the radio industry got in trouble over payola was because broadcasting was hevily regulated by the Federal Government. The Internet isn't.) It will be interesting to watch what happens. Maybe the place will be a MySpace killer, and aybe it'll just be another nine days Internet wonder.

It's gotten very nice outside tonight. Clouds have gathered and are holding in the day's warmth. I'm thinking there might be a bit of mild rain later, or the clouds might thin and present me with another alluring night of vaporous veils glowing with the light of the waning crescent moon. I it's the latter, I'll get nothing done tonight, I'm sure.

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