rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ought to Know Better, But I Don't

Dear Internets,

We have to stop meeting like this. At least, we have to stop meeting for so long, and until this time of day, when I ought to be sleeping instead of poking around on one more web site.

Oh, I should blame the moon, too, seductively veiled in clouds and sneaking about among the pines. And then there's the softening spring air, making me linger outside where I lose track of time.

I suppose I should also blame the cat, for curling up on the couch and going to sleep, looking so content that I'm loath to disturb her so I can convert the couch into my bed.

OK, it isn't entirely your fault, Internets. In fact it's not even the moon and the air and the cat. It's mostly my fault, for not wanting the quiet night to end, and thus pretending I don't see the growing light and hear the first birds chirping.

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