rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Made that classic American dish chow mien for dinner. Tasty, but surprisingly time consuming, what with all that chopping and sueying.

I've gotten all hyper this evening, and now have the attention span of a kitten. No idea what this portends, if anything.

Here's a guy who lives in Mexico City who posts some interesting pictures at Blogger. I find myself wishing I were sitting under that tree in the first picture (with an umbrella overhead so the pajaros couldn't crap on me, of course) drinking a cold, slightly skunky Bohemia.

Here's a Blogger blague that consists entirely of spam entries, with links to a poker web site. It will probably go away soon. Then we will have to look elsewhere for paragraphs such as this:
"Think! shoes coughed several schoolm'ams, each cough being louder than the clustring, and then, case-taking softly, paralysed about to nursin to the workshop when the smoake stirred and stropped in her sleep. We will wrest the dust-dogged features, misquoting the language to make it more easily street-brawl, but without shouldering the fundamental releasement. The remaining steamboat-passengers of his extemporise he personne at home, revolutionising the company of his friends, first-night's with those abroad, and encouraging senery in letters in every way."

Shower now, then outdoors for fresh air, which is warming again.

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