rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

We Got V.E.!

Clouds came and consumed the stars. The sun, pre-devoured, will not show, but the palest consumed light escaping the rumpled overcast woke the jays and crows, who began to screech and caw even before the frogs had fallen silent. Quickening breezes now sway the tops of pines, but the wind must be stronger in the canyons. I hear the distant, sustained howl of the forest, like a turbid river that is eating its rocky bed. I'm sure there will be rain, and hail perhaps. I will enjoy it. Happy Vernal Equinox!

For those not cheered by their weather, behold a big page o' bears! (Have insulin handy. Some of them are that sweet.) Three other pages follow, which I haven't opened, as the first (filled with .gif's) took so long to load. I assume they are more of the same.

I must get to sleep so I can wake early enough to be sufficiently tired to go to sleep still earlier Tuesday morning so I can be sufficiently rested that afternoon to endure going to the dentist and letting him jab huge needles into my gums and stick a jackhammer in my mouth to demolish the remains of my broken molar. That will be happening roughly 34 hours hence.

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