rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Here I am eating cheese for my breakfast hour bedtime snack. Mmm, cheese. (I am so eager to have that first massive heart attack!) I'd like some beer with it, but I'm running low (and on St. Paddy's Day, at that!) Anyway, if I drank beer now, I'd have to wake up two or three times today to take a leak, so it's just as well. It sure would be tasty, though. Mmm, beer and cheese.

The hawks are back this morning. They have no more rain to contend with, it having stopped about an hour ago. The sky remains overcast, and provides a suitable atmosphere for the birds' cries. I have no idea why the hawks find this particular neighborhood so attractive. There are dense woodlands and open fields farther east that I would expect them to find more appealing. I've grown to enjoy their visits, though. I like the half-scary, half-mournful calls these airborne killing machines make. They are like avian kitties! But they probably wouldn't take to being petted.

I just noticed that the recently-added auto-save feature on the LJ web update page has vanished again. I wonder what happened? Nothing about it in news. Hmph.

Suddenly sleepy.

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