rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Drippy days are here again. Soft rain strings the trees and lawns with clear beads, and makes mirrors of the pavement in which the drifting clouds are then reflected, as though the storm were contemplating itself. The weather can be as narcissistic as it pleases. I'm just glad the snow is gone, and I can go out to fetch the mail without sliding on the icy driveway.

I finally got an appointment with the dentist, but it isn't until next Tuesday. This must be the busy season. I suppose everybody's teeth are falling out from Christmas and Valentine's day candy. By the time I get in there, the tooth will have been broken for twelve days. I hope that doesn't lead to complications.

Also, I've just found out that my parents are planning a to-do (or maybe it will even turn out to be a whoop-te-do) for their anniversary, on Saturday. The place will be swarming with nephews and nieces and their kids. The cat will freak out. Afterwards, mom will complain about having too much company all at once, even though she's the one who invited them. One would think that people in their nineties would be more sensible.

Running late again.

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