rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Pushing Back

A more seasonally appropriate precipitation arrived tonight, with cheerfully pattering rain replacing the recent sneaky silence of snow. Most of the remaining white stuff was dissolved within minutes. Alas that some of it, sliding down the roof, clogged the rain gutter above the front porch. The gutter then overflowed, with the resultant cascade drowning and crushing the sourgrass in the flower bed. Later, the snow tried to make a comeback, but only managed to become a flurry of sleet which coated the driveway so that I nearly slipped and fell on my ass when I went out to fetch the newspaper. The snow wants to kill me, I'm sure. The rain, however, prevailed, and the driveway has now been washed clean of all icy residue. Hah! Take that, snow! With the rain's help, I win!

I get the feeling I might be feeling better soon. Either that, or this slightly dazed giddiness indicates that I'm coming down with a cold. One never knows.

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