rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Not a trace of yesterday's snow remained when I woke. For a few minutes, more popcorn snow fell-- big chunks of it, a quarter inch across and more, which bounced when they hit the ground-- but this flurry lasted only a few minutes. Then the sky presented a lively scene of fluffy cumulous clouds drifting through bright blue, and the trees sported preening and singing birds ejoying the sunshine. You'd never have known that it was so wintery just hours earlier. The moon is approaching full tonight, and vaporous clouds have returned, frequently veiling it but never completely obscuring the light, so the celestial spectacle is apt to continue. The night is slightly warmer than last night, but for some reason the frogs are silent. Maybe they're just waiting for the evening traffic to die down, so their song can be properly heard and appreciated. I'll be listening.

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