rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Must Distract Myself

At one point, the world arranged moon and clouds and pines to form a perfect backdrop for some splendid event which never took place, as far as I know. Maybe it took place somewhere nearby while I was unaware. Maybe I was supposed to supply the splendid event myself and failed to do so. Maybe the backdrop itself was the splendid event. All I know is that the screen of branches and needles softened the moonlight so that I could look straight at it without squinting, and the clouds refracted the light to produce shades of color for which I could find no names. A flock of birds were flying, their calls faint, high where the air was even colder than here amid the slow, soft croaks of earthbound frogs. For a moment, the scene appeared to be about to mean something. If it did come to mean something, I never figured out what it was.

A bunch of linked things:

I stumbled upon something called the American Buddha Online Library which, despite (or because of?) being devoted to an eccentric species of that particular religion, is in fact a rather eclectic site filled with bits and pieces of literature, music, movies, philosophy and Goat knows what else (I haven't had time to explore the whole thing_from all over. Much of it is stuff I wouldn't have the time to download, being on dialup (I noticed, among other things, excerpts form Terry Gilliam's movie "Brazil"), but there's other stuff as well. Pictures, in particular, which I always find pleasing (screen caps of scenes from "Black Orpheus!") There are indications that the site is a project of cyberlawyer Charles Carreon. How does he find the time?

I also stumbled upon a
picture of a green woodpecker posted (at the site StumbleUpon, oddly enough) by a guy from Leiden, Netherlands. I've never before seen a green woodpecker.

Then there's Bruce Eisner's computer deal of the day! I wish I'd found that last year.

Too much stuff on teh Internets!

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