rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mornings are Too Cheerful

At least some of the frogs survived the recent snow, and were providing music most of the night. They are livelier than I am. So are all the small birds now flocking on my lawn, pecking and twittering, and the squirrel scampering up the pine tree next door. Everything is livelier than I am these days. I expect the trees to start walking around any time now. I'm going to stick a knit hat over my eyes and go to sleep. The thought of all that cheerful sunlight about to flood the town depresses me. Maybe it will cloud up and rain again before afternoon. I want the gloom back!

Still, I must admit that I continue to derive some small pelasure from knowing that there is in the world a place called Bad Axe, Michigan, and it has a Bad Axe Theater.

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