rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Damned if it didn't snow! It was raining, and I suddenly became aware that it had fallen silent, so I went out to see if the sky was clearing, and there was the snow! About half an inch fell before it turned back into rain. It's all been washed from the pavement and the trees now, but the lawn is still white. It was very pretty for a while. The oddest thing was that the frogs continued to croak while the snow was falling. They're croaking even now. Perhaps their ponds and mud-banks gathered enough heat during the recent warm spell to resist the cold and keep the frogs lively. I don't know how long this cold spell will last. It would be strange if March turned out to be colder than January or February. Strange but, this year, not surprising.

I found a link to a search engine that I've never heard of before, despite the fact that it's been around for three years. It's called Freekat, and it's pretty swift and fairly thorough, though I find it annoying that it lacks a Googly cache with the search terms highlighted. I've become so accustomed to that particular convenience of Google that I don't want to do without it. Still, I like Freekat's extreme simplicity (reminiscent of very early Google), and I'll probably use it now and then.

I searched on my LJ name and it fetched a couple of other LJ search tools; The fairly well known LJ Seek, which I had forgotten about, and also something called the SproutWorks Live Journal Search, which is actually a list of over 12,000 topics presented as links, so it's actually sort of a pre-digested search. SproutWorks also has a Blogger-related page (which I didn't look at) and a bunch of other stuff, but the site in general seems rather eccentric. I can't quite figure out what it's main purpose is supposed to be. Also, it gave my browser some trouble, intermittently freezing it, and it nearly crashed. I'll probably stick to LJ Seek.

Freekat also fetched me a link to a page called sketchpad, which appears to be part of a personal site belonging to a Temple University student. The thing which included it in my search results was the fact that one of the sketches linked on the page is called rejectomorph. I don't know if the artist knows about this journal or about the stuff I've posted under the same name at other web sites, or if he just stumbled on the same portmanteau word on his own. The drawing fetched by the rejectomorph link is rather disturbing, not least because it so aptly depicts a certain state of mind in which I occasionally find myself. It makes me suspect the guy of being a stalker, though I know he probably isn't. I clicked on a couple of the other links on the page and find that I like some of his work very much. I like his titles, too. I'd say that, (if I may flatter myself) if he is stalking me, at least I've got a very talented and interesting stalker. Nothing but the best for Rejectomorph!

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