rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The first night of March has provided clouds, occasional stars, frequent choruses of frogs, and constant, chilly damp. Spring has sneaked back around the corner and let winter reclaim another of its rightful nights. In fact, winter might get back the better part of a week. I'm hoping for another thunderstorm to arrive soon. They make excellent alarm clocks. There won't be one today, though, as the last hour has brought considerable clearing, and the late sky has more stars than it does darkness. I expect there will be sufficient sunlight to dry the ground today, but the rain should be back by Thursday.

But despite the enjoyable meteorological tumult, I still find myself sluggish and devoid of ideas or ambition. This makes me fretful. I've learned that it's pointless to fret over these periods when my brain decides to turn itself off, but I still feel considerable impatience when one arrives. Good sense would dictate that I relax and enjoy the vacation, since I know that my energy will not return until it returns, and I have no idea when that will be. Alas that good sense invariably vacates at the same time my energy does, and I end up nagging myself to do something. But nothing can be done. Too bad I lack the propensity to drink heavily.

Come back, thunderstorm!

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