rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In Need of an Early Dinner

So what happened was that I fell asleep in front of the television (alpha waves!) during one movie, and I woke up three hours later during another movie, and the two halves were not compatible. I was on the floor, too, so now I'm sore in spots. Then, despite the long unintended nap, I was still tired, so I went to sleep without making a journal post! Then I woke up not long after noon, and have been disoriented ever since. I think my brain is trying to de-nocturnalize itself. Now I'm sitting here dazzled by the unaccustomed daylight, watching a squirrel eat bark (or maybe it's something on the bark) from the fruitless mulberry tree.

There have been a lot of birds, too. One bird was about twice the size of a pigeon and had a spotted gray and black chest. I don't remember ever seeing one like it before. I now have the feeling that, while I was unintentionally napping, my consciousness was transported to an alternate universe quite similar but not identical to the one I previously occupied. It's all very disorienting. I'm also hungry at the wrong time.

This alternate universe LiveJournal looks pretty much the same as the other one did, though, as far as I can tell. It still has memes. Here's one via this universe's m_leprae: It's the Human Virus Scanner. Turns out I'm memetically infected by Junk Food, Religion, and Politics, and might be infected by USA (70%), Discordia (60%), Conspiracy Theory (80%), and Environmentalism (63%.) Come to think of it, memes in my former universe always had little copy-and-paste gadgets you could use to display the results in your journal. This meme doesn't. I think I might have slid into a low-rent alternate universe here.

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