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Light [Feb. 22nd, 2006|03:23 pm]
Unless it's the bleariness of my eyes, I'm seeing a few green leaves on one of the oaks across the street. That would be a local record for early leaves, I think. It's only that one tree, though, and this might be another case of the ground being heated with water from nearby leach lines. Still, there is some sort of flowering tree up the block which is now covered in blossoms, at least two weeks earlier than it has been in the past. It remains true, despite the last few days of cold, that while last year the winter was mild, this year it's been close to nonexistent. I might as well have been in Los Angeles.

A couple of days ago I looked out the bathroom window about this time of day and saw a shadow on the white wall of the garden shed, which is next to the south fence. It looked like the shadow of a cat that must have been sitting atop the fence just out of my view, but when I went out to look, the shadow was still there but there was no cat. The rough top of one of the boards had made a perfect cat shadow. I looked several times today and found that a whole parade of cat shadows makes its way down the shed wall as the afternoon passes. They appear at one corner of the wall and then slowly deform into nondescript shapes as they descend. I'm thinking of giving them names.

Among the numerous birds visiting the yard today is the first blue jay I've seen his year. I'll now have to maintain a more active presence in the front yard, lest the creature decide to build a nest in the wild plum bush next to my window, as sometimes happens, and I end up being plagued with the loud, high-pitched squeals of hungry chicks from dawn to dusk throughout the spring. Though currently rich in shadow cats, I have but one actual feline remaining, and she likes to spend her afternoons napping on the back porch rather than fending off blue jays.

Something woke me up early today, and I've had only four hours of sleep. I'm not one of those people who can get away with that. My recent mental sluggishness is now accompanied by the loopiness brought on by too little sleep. It's a bad combination. At such times, I say stupider things than usual. I should shut up now. In any case, the sun is coming around to the place where it shines in the window and blinds me to the monitor and makes me sneeze. I can't bring myself to close the drapes, the bright (but still a bit chilly) afternoon is so pleasant a sight. I guess I'll put on a jacket and go out and discourage that blue jay.