rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I had a dream in which I was trying to fix broken HTML. That is a nightmare. I just noticed that, below the box on this update page, where there used to be a list of the HTML commands which were usable here, it now simply says "HTML okay" (a lie- HTML has never been okay!) I guess that means that all HTML commands work here now. Or does it? Maybe it's just another example of the slovenly use of language on the Internet. Well, I don't know any more than minimal HTML anyway, so it makes no difference for me.

Another stormlet passed through a while ago, dropping more popcorn snow which soon melted. Now there's a blue sky decorated with fluffy white clouds, and everything is wet. I half expected it to turn into a thunderstorm, but it didn't. It's almost thunderstorm season, though. March often brings many of them. They might arrive a bit early this year. Everything else has. Nature is in such a rush this year. I wonder if it's trying to get everything in quickly because it has found out that it's dying?

Out to watch the sunset now. It's going fast.

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