rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Be Careful What You Wish For Department

There could be snow down to 2000' here tonight! I knew it! Winter punked us! I don't know where the snow would be coming from, though, as there are only a few filmy clouds at the moment. But then there were only a few filmy clouds this morning, and the same when I woke this afternoon, but I was told that there had been brief flurries of snow at midday. I slept through a stormlet, then wondered why the walk was damp and the lawn glittering with drops of water in the bright afternoon sunlight. Well. No crickets or frogs tonight, for sure. This was the coldest day I can remember having so far this year. The night will be even colder. And there is definitely either rain or snow coming this weekend. And me without batteries for my portable lamp.

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