rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There have been strange odors on the air tonight. They are woody odors, but unlike the woody odors normal to the place. It's as though an alien forest has crept up and displaced the ponderosas and mountain oaks. It smells incredibly old, like ages of leaf mold, like hollowed trunks ready to crumble, like fallen logs being consumed by fungus. There is also a slightly sweet floral scent, and the combination makes it seem as though someone tried to cover up the woody odor with perfume and then thought better of it. Of course, it could all be nothing more than my imaginary brain tumor acting up again.

Early light reveals that there is a haze above the valley. That condition often presages a warm day. I'd expected to be off this machine by the time it got this light, but I began loading a page of image files which has turned out to be huge, and I want to get it done now. It's coming up on an hour, and I think I've got at least fifteen minutes more to go. I hate dial-up.

This threatens to degenerate into a rant. I'll shut up.

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