rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The frogs are croaking again tonight. I still have no idea why they were silent last night. It's nice to have them back. There is now at least one lone frog nearby, too. It sounds fairly close to the place the cricket hangs out. I'd be most displeased if the frog ate the cricket. A nightly duet would be pleasant, though.

It does not yet feel quite like spring, but it no longer feels quite like winter. It is a season of limbo. The slightly gibbous moon shines, allowing the bare trees cast lacy shadows, and I sniff the air, expecting to catch the first whiff of spurge laurel. That sharp, invigorating scent is for me the most alluring note of the changing season's perfume. The elusive fragrance always wakes me from the doldrums. Though it usually doesn't show up until the beginning of March, I'd not be surprised to have it appear a bit early this year. I could use the stimulation.

The cat has lately taken to perching on the desk, right next to the keyboard. Sluggo's desk didn't have enough room for a cat to perch, but this one does. A couple of times, she's decided to walk across the keys. One night when I was out of the room for a minute, I came back to find the text on the screen huge. The cat had stepped on the "+" key and enlarged everything to 700%.I'm lucky it wasn't anything worse. Kitties and keyboards are not a good combination. As the keyboard is wireless, I now move it to a safe place when I leave the room while the cat is around and the computer on. I don't want her ordering tons of cat toys and kitty porn while I'm not looking.
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