rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mitey Disturbing

I dusted my keyboard. The top of it looks very nice now, but there is still dust stuck under the keys. Here is some of the stuff down there where I can't get at it:
"ash, cigarette; ash, incinerator; combustion products; fiber, synthetic textile; fibers: wool, cotton, paper and silk; fingernail filings; food crumbs; glass particles; glue; graphite; hair, human and animal; insect fragments; oil soot; paint chips; plant parts; pollen; polymer foam particles; salt and sugar crystals; skin scales, humans; skin scales, pets; soil; spores, fungal; stone particles; tobacco; wood shavings."
That list comes from this lurid page about dust mites (if it doesn't display (bandwidth problems, I think), read its Google cache.) Less lurid, but no less distressing, is this page from Ohio State University. Despite having read this stuff, I'm still using the keyboard, even though it is underlain by an immense mite cesspit/graveyard. We share this planet with some very creepy creatures. So do they, of course.

The latest rainstorm didn't last long. By mid afternoon, the sky had cleared and the green landscape was flooded with sunlight. That will be happening more frequently. As much as I enjoy the spring, I'm going to miss the gray days.

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