rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This afternoon I watched a small bird hop in and out of the bush at the end of the walk. I think it might be building a nest. Unwise. Not only is there apt to be more cold weather, but my cat is prone to spend a lot of time in the vicinity of that bush. Last spring, birds built a nest in the bush by the front door, and ended up spending hours screeching at the cat every day. I guess that's why we say "birdbrains"?

Evening turned hazy, and now clouds are forming, right on schedule. There should be rain by morning. I hear the chorus of frogs croaking again tonight. If the rain isn't too cold, they'll probably enjoy it.

For those adept at computery things (via scottobear): you can download a Beta version of an application called Redcolored, which allows you to colorize your digitized black and white photos. I think there are other programs that do this (Photoshop probably does it, but I don't have Photoshop), but this one is supposed to be very easy to use. It's a fairly small file (1.2MB), so I've nabbed it and might play around with it when I get the time. The Beta is free for non-commercial users. The pay version is to be released soon, so get it while its free.

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