rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Creeping Up

The cat is staring at me while I eat lettuce. She knows what it is, but still gives me that look that says I should feel guilty about eating something and not giving her any of it. She has a whole bowl of kitty food in the other room, but she still sits here, squinting her eyes and purring, watching me eat something she detests. Kitties are masters of guilt.

Though the wind has not been as vigorous tonight as it was last night, it has been unceasing. A few clouds thinly veiled the waning crescent moon for an hour, but it has since risen clear of them and now hangs unobscured, but to pale to enable strong shadows. The early weeks of January bring later sunsets, but the mornings remain dark. Now, dawn will be arriving noticeably earlier. Already I can see a long line of pale light in the east, surmounted by a dark mass of lingering clouds. A bit south of east, between dark horizon and clouds, Jupiter is shining brightly with light older than that which is about to overwhelm it. The final hour is the best part of a January night.

The problem with staying up this late is that I end up getting hungry (thus the lettuce, since I can't find anything else in the house that appeals to me so near bedtime.) What I'd really like at the moment is some coffee, but that would keep me awake for hours. Coffee goes well with dawn, but I'd have to invert my schedule. I could no longer be nocturnal. That just wouldn't be right. I'll make do with lettuce, and cat-induced guilt.

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