rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


More fog came and went tonight, but this time it was accompanied by dense cloud cover which concealed the moon, so when the fog was at its thickest, I had a little gray room to myself, and the rest of the world faded into darkness a few dozen feet away. It smelled nice, too, being scented with wood-- mostly pine-- rather than having the cold, swampy smell it sometimes gets. The fog is gone now, but the clouds are still there. There's a slight chance of rain today, but a better chance Saturday.

I finally fired up Sluggo and downloaded about a month's worth of Juno mail. Mostly spam, but a couple of things I should answer, however late my replies will be. Because I didn't move the chair over to Sluggo's location (it's a lot of bother to get it over the bed that pretends to be a couch), I had to kneel while deleting the spam, and now my ass is sore. It's out of shape, I guess. I'm going to have to start doing ass exercises. Is there a tape for that?

I'm still feeling unfocused. An avocado sandwich didn't help.

Giant birds ate our ancestors' brains. Heh. Perhaps I'm experiencing some sort of hereditary memory.

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