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A Thing of Shreds and Patches [Jan. 2nd, 2006|09:08 pm]
Via scottobear: The latest worm to exploit a Windows vulnerability can attack any version of Windows and, because it infects through apparently ordinary image files picked up while on the Internet or received in email, it doesn't matter what browser you are using. Microsoft has no patch to fix the vulnerability yet, but a temporary fix is available from Ilfak Guilfanov. I've installed the patch, and so far it hasn't interfered with my computer's operation in any way that I can see.

There was more fog this afternoon, though not dense enough to be at its most delightful. Visibility never fell below 600 feet or so. I'd like to have one of those nice, dense fogs that hides the house when I take a few steps out into the yard. They are rare here, though.

Rain has not fallen for hours. In fact, at dusk there was a thinning of the clouds, and I saw a few patches of stars, but they have gone now as the clouds have thickened again. It's expected to be only partly cloudy for the next few days, so I might even get to see the new moon in a night or two, and maybe some dry patches of ground.

All day Saturday I kept thinking it was Friday, and all day Sunday I kept thinking it was Monday. Did my subconscious want to avoid a weekend? Now that Monday is here, I keep thinking it's Tuesday. I wonder for how long I'll not know what day it is? Maybe I've come down with a temporal disorder, and the condition will be permanent. I'll have to wear one of those watches with a date display. A crutch for the temporally disabled brain. Which reminds me, if this is Monday, I have to put the trash can out. Good thing I remembered when I am.