rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The first journal entry of the New Year should be momentous.


I did find something interesting on teh Interwebs tonight, though. Take a look at this picture by P-Base user civicxe. Remember that post I made a couple of years ago about once living in a flat above a store building in Alhambra? (I'm not going to hunt it down and link to it now, but I have to edit it eventually since the picture that went with it has gone away with my PictureTrail account, and I have to replace it.) Anyway, that apartment was in the small white building on the left in this photo at P-Base, taken only a few months ago. There appears to be a cigar bar in the shop that was then a photo studio. I don't know if the apartment is still upstairs or not. If it is, I do hope they've remodeled it. The place was quite a dump.

civicxe has a whole bunch of other pictures of Alhambra, too. I've only had time to see a few of them so far (accursed dial-up), but I'm going to enjoy looking through the rest of them. I don't know if discovering something so provocative of nostalgia is an auspicious, or a decidedly inauspicious beginning to the new year. But then, auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of that sort are just superstition, anyway, so I won't worry about it. If disaster engulfs me, somebody please kick my dead ass for not heeding the warning.

No Tournament of Roses today. Whenever New Year's Day falls on a Sunday, Pasadena puts the event off until Monday. I think the tradition originally arose because the congregations of the numerous churches in the city were displeased about the disruption that would be wrought on their accustomed day of worship by throngs of celebratory visitors and rowdy college football fans. It was this custom of putting the parade off until Monday the 2nd which led to the launching of the Doo Dah Parade, about a third of a century ago when, in one of those years when the 1st fell on a Sunday, a local bohemian thought it just wrong that there be no parade in Pasadena on New Year's day.

He gathered together a group of his fellow bohos and they ran the first, small Doo Dah parade through the streets of the West End that Sunday. Alas, the first parade proved such a success that it became a regular event, though it had to be moved to an earlier date so as not to conflict with the real parade. I've always wished they'd kept it a small affair that took place only on the rare occasions of Sunday, January 1st. Now, despite its rather flippant, parodic character, it's really just another big civic event. Success spoils so many things.

Oh, look. I'm starting the year by staying awake too late. Inauspicious, then.

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