rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Yet Undissolved

I checked the weather map for the Sacramento area about an hour ago, and the radar showed the heaviest rainfall right over Paradise. I didn't need the radar to tell me that. Being here, I could hear it trying to wash the whole town into the Feather River. But the storm is slowly moving south and east, and the radar shows a clear patch coming. It looks as though the west side of the valley is already clear, and it should be clear here within a couple of hours. I do like the rain, but I'm certainly getting enough of it this month.

A song popped into my head a few hours ago. It was a record my dad had when I was a kid, called "Wilberforce, Get Off That Horse" and I can only recall two lines of it:
"Oh, I've had beans and beans and beans, enough to run the Navy,
Wilberforce, get off that horse, and bring him in for lunch."

So I Googled to see if anybody had posted the lyric on the Interwebs yet. They hadn't, but I found out the name of the artist; Freddie Fisher and His Schnickelfritz Orchestra. Most of the references to the song were from a site dedicated to the Dr. Demento Show, called The Mad Music Archive. It appears to have been around for about a year now, and is in the process of archiving a complete list of every Dr. Demento Show ever broadcast, listing every song on each show. It's a project worthy of Napoleon XIV. There are forums, podcasts, and pages for individual artists and for songs that have been played on the show, and members of the site can add various bits of information to them. It's all quite elaborate (and surprisingly well-organized-- I wish that the various library and university web sites I use were as coherent.)

Anyway, my sudden outburst of nostalgia for the peculiar novelty song about a hungry guy who wants to eat his friend's horse ultimately led to my discovery of an actual Freddie Fisher web site. Turns out he died in 1967, but he still has a following. In fact, his few dozen recordings from the late 1930's-early 1940's are available on CD, along with some later recordings he did when he was living in Aspen Colorado in the 1950's, before the place became trendy. In fact, I think that was before such a thing as trendiness even existed. It also turns out that he appeared in five movies, which has earned him his own IMDB page.

Poking around on the Freddie Fisher web site, I also found a page for a group called The Snap On Voles. I have no idea if they're any good or not. I just like their name.

Must go to sleep. I've been awake too late too many days in a row. Also, I'm pretty sure that a mule has been sneaking into my room while I'm sleeping and kicking me in the back. I hope it stays away today.

Happy New Year's Eve Day.

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