rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I managed to get to sleep in the improbably bright morning, and managed to wake up in the afternoon despite its return to the now normal gray dimness. The rain only began to fall again two hours after night fell. In other words, I slept through the break between storms. I also had a sudden sharp pain in a kidney (or thereabouts) a few minutes after I woke up, and the whole area is still sore. I hope this doesn't mean that something is about to happen which will force me to change my diet. Food is one of the things I like to not have to think about. It's like making the bed; always do it the same way at the same time every day and it leaves your brain free to wander about on its own. My brain wandering about on its own is my recreation. If I have to start using it for actually thinking about stuff that ought to be automatic, I'll become very surly indeed.

The week between Christmas and the new year is always an annoying time to me. I find holidays in general annoying, because of their disruption, so maybe this week is particularly annoying because it is flanked by two holidays. Just when I could be recovering from the disruption of Christmas, I have to be dealing with the impending disruption brought by the new year holiday. I see three possible solutions; We could move Christmas back to sometime in spring (the most likely time when Jesus was actually born, anyway); We could arbitrarily remove seven days from December and add them to other months, make December 24th the last day of the year, and then just combine the two holidays; We could speed up the Earth's rotation so that there were seven fewer days in the year. Given the tenacity of cultural habits, the last option is probably the most likely to be attainable. Could somebody who knows physics get to work on that, please?

And I wish the new neighbors would waste some energy on heating their house with a furnace instead of their fireplace. The smoke manages to get into my house and linger here constantly now. I'd prefer real smog to this.

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