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Wet [Dec. 27th, 2005|10:03 pm]
And still more rain. Warm rain, at that. The spillways of the dams have been opened, to make room in the reservoirs for the abundance of water which the storms are bringing, and the rivers are rising. Even the Yolo Bypass has been opened. (Scurry, voles! Hop, bunnies! Slither, snakes!) I'd like to go see the rare white water on the Sacramento, but have no way to get there, and not enough free time, anyway. If a levee breaks, I'll get to see it on television, though. That's something.

The new neighbors came home this afternoon and turned off their porch light. That's something, too.

Also, there is to be a leap-second added to December 31st this year, to make up for the slowing of the earth's rotation over the last seven years. I wonder of that means we should count down from eleven on New Year's Eve?.

[User Picture]From: thirdhand
2005-12-28 08:16 am (UTC)
December 31st, 24:59:61
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