rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

My Christmas Party Meme

xmas party at flying_blind's house!!

m_leprae drank 12 whiskeys, 13 white wines, 7 pilsners, 15 ciders, 15 vermouths and 5 poteens.

the room stood in awe as m_leprae declared that he was Jesus before pouring a glass of
red wine over asphalteden's head.

To say that m_leprae loves alcohol is like saying Dick Cheney loves ripping the hearts from live puppies with his teeth and devouring them. Oh-la-la!

asphalteden drank 4 pilsners, 8 bloody marys, 9 cosmopolitans, 11 coffee liqueurs, 15 mint juleps and 9 ciders.

asphalteden broke into hyperina's car in a drunken haze stealing only her fluffy dice. the
dice are now an integral part of asphalteden's earring collection.

myasma drank 11 champagnes, 14 vermouths, 12 whiskeys, 12 ales and 5 hot toddys.

In what can only be described as a historic revelation, myasma informed the room that Santa and sodomy do not mix

opalite drank 7 mescals, 5 bloody marys, 13 ciders, 8 lagers and 3 red wines.

fabulist drank 9 champagnes, a mint julep, 12 absinthes and 8 everclears.

flying_blind drank 14 mescals and 13 pulques.

blah drank 6 aligator bites, 13 gins and 7 sambuccas.

annina_writes drank 15 gins, an irish cream and 6 mint juleps.

hyperina drank 3 cosmopolitans, 10 kahluas and 8 rums.

chained2u2 drank 2 ales.

psychedsunshine drank 15 champagnes.

klimtkat drank an aftershock.

By morning flying_blind's cat had been dyed a unique vomity shade. Oh debauchery! How you have soiled flying_blind's kitty!

Xmas Party?

Drunken fights, hammer attacks, glorious turkeys, ridiculous amounts of alcohol, sex, drugs and rock n roll

Enter your name below to experience the ultimate in complete useless bollocks!

Drunken Hero


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