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Dullness [Dec. 20th, 2005|08:32 pm]
Leafless trees were beaded with glittering raindrops again this afternoon, and the overcast sky concealed the sun. The break in the storm lasted only through early morning. The dawn sky was a mass of pink and mauve and blue, but the clouds had barely turned white before they began gathering once again to form a continuous gray roof, and the sound of falling rain resumed. The nights are but slightly colder than the days, and the days are not as cold as one would expect in December's waning time. I'm not complaining. If January and February want to provide more of the same, that's fine. Three straight months of Novemberish weather might prove monotonous, but it would be better than getting my ass frozen off.

Though the day was liquid, my thoughts have been more viscous. I had coffee tonight, in an attempt to stave off the ennui, but drugging myself with caffeine appears to have failed. I'm still about as stimulated as a slug. Maybe it I went out and ran around naked in the rain...? No, probably not. Most likely, I'd still be bored with myself, but cold and wet. Hot shower instead. Then I'll try to figure out why the LJ search box now includes the categories "Site" (which goes nowhere, as far as I can tell) and "Site & Username" (which goes to the same place mere "Username" goes.) What the hell is it for?