rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Suddenly colder, the night air begins to gather vapor. The stark moon pales, grows soft, and a halo forms a red ring around it. Thickening, the air becomes luminous as shadows vanish. Hours pass, and the moon is lost, its light spun to silk by the ever denser fog. Trees are enveloped by drifting shrouds, the woods shrink, and all trace of the town vanishes. The only sound is the occasional flutter of a mulberry leaf letting go of the nearly bare branches and twigs. The fog keeps me outdoors, despite the intense chill. It will probably take hours for me to warm up again. It was worth it.

With thanks to Jesse: Sex (requires Flash player.) I feel especially sad for the little bunny (or whatever creature that is) who plays the keyboard. He's got a "0" on his shirt.
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