rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A cricket has moved into my house. I haven't heard it chirp, so it might be a female (only male crickets chirp), but it's also rather small, so it might be a younger male who just isn't ready to begin chirping. I've only seen it a few times, clinging to a wall or leaping into a dark corner when I turn on a light. Several years ago, I had a full-grown male cricket living in the den for a few weeks. He took up residence in a potted plant, and I used to hear him chirping softly now and then. I think one of the cats finally got him. My current cricket might be wise not to begin chirping, though there's only one cat left.

I only found out last night that the Cartoon Network has been airing an animated series based on Aaron McGruder's daily comic strip The Boondocks since early November. I suppose they'll be doing reruns of the five or six episodes I've missed. Must remember to tear myself away from the computer Sunday night.

It's looking very slightly foggy this morning, but it's bound to clear soon at this elevation. It will probably be foggy all day in the valley, though. I'm just a little bit envious. I like when the atmosphere matches the inside of my head.

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