rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Big To-Do

What I might as well do is scratch the words "To Do List" from the top of my To Do List and scrawl "Unlikely To Ever Get Done List" in their place. I don't think I have time to make that change, though. Fortunately, this means that neither do I have the time to add anything more to my To Do List. All this is the result of several unexpected tasks popping up. There is not enough slack in my schedule to accommodate them all. Mostly, what ends up being cut out is Internet time. I could forego the laundry for a couple of days, but that would mean either recycling my dirty clothes or going naked during December. Neither of those appeals to me.

Before the chaos descended, I did nab a new icon from Google image search. I don't know who made this picture, but I congratulate them.
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