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Cleared [Dec. 8th, 2005|09:10 pm]
I got to see sunlight this afternoon, and sneeze at it. I also saw a bunch of those little flying insects who bob up and down, up and down over the lawn. They are only easily visible when back lit by a very bright light. The way they bob, they always remind me of those old sing-along cartoons with the bouncing ball that pointed out the lyrics. I only ever saw those cartoons on television, and always wondered if the audiences in movie theatres where they were originally shown actually sang along with them. And now I wonder whether or not, were someone to make a hip hop bouncing ball cartoon, contemporary movie audiences would rap along with it.

Anyway. The insects bobbing over the lawn had no words to point out, and I had no idea how to pronounce the blades of grass, so I watched them in silence. Then the sun set and I had macaroni. Now the half moon is shining and blanching the dimmer stars, but, once it sets, there will be a nice assortment of celestial lights to watch, maybe even including some meteors! I'll have to be careful looking at the sky, though, because my neck still wants to go out of joint. It's going to be colder here again, too, our blanket of clouds being gone. But I certainly don't want to spend the entire night indoors, where the heated air is making me dopier with each passing minute.