rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not Dead Yet

I stepped out the front door just in time to see a meteor streak past Orion's head. Had he turned his head just a bit, he might have gotten his ear pierced. I didn't stay out long, so I don't know if more meteors appeared. It is even colder tonight than last night. A bit of ice has formed around the rim of the cat's outdoor water bowl. This is about the coldest early December I can recall since moving here. The thought of January is intimidating. I refuse to think about February.

Later, I made one of my infrequent visits to, to see what the disembodied voices of the past were up to. Not being a paying member of the site, I can only observe, which makes the experience oddly like listening to ghosts talk, or being myself a ghost eavesdropping on the living. My name is not yet on any of the obituary message threads there, though, so I must not be dead.

There's also the fact that I've once again been infested by those aliens from Alien, which try to eat their way out of my chest. I hate when that happens, but I'm pretty sure that if I were dead, I wouldn't be feeling the teeth gnawing at me. I also wouldn't be hearing that little voice in my head saying next time, don't overdo the spices in the tacos! Whether the voice is that of another alien or not, I don't know.

I only found out late last night (from the Colbert Report-- once again, I get my news from a fake news show) that yesterday was the anniversary of the end of prohibition. The 21st Amendment, repealing the 19th Amendment, officially went into effect on December 5th, 1933, the day after it was ratified by Utah, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Had I known of the anniversary, I could have gotten 'faced, in celebration. Now I have to wait until next year-- assuming there is a next year, and that I'm not yet on one of those obituary threads.

Before I go to sleep, I'm going out to check the cat's outdoor water bowl again, to see if it's gotten more ice on it. Maybe there'll be a beetle skating over a firm surface. I'd like to see that.

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